The Law of Compensation

Your sense of identity –your self-image, opens the door to the Law of Compensation’s power in your life.  This Law affects every arena of life:  Your financial affairs, relationships, quality of aliveness, health, options, freedom and fulfillment.  Understanding this law can be the key to all the dreams you’ve ever had, because the Law of […]

Athletes and Supplements – Recovery Nutrition

The debate over the best nutrition for recovery after exercise has been the rage of sports nutrition scientists for more than a decade. In the 1990’s the argument promoting the benefits for strength and power athletes of combining protein with carbohydrate immediately after exercise became apparent. Researchers showed that dietary protein catalyzed protein synthesis, and […]

Athletes and Supplements – PART 1

Dr Kenneth Cooper began the exercise revolution in the early 1970’s and actually coined the term aerobics. He also studied athletes and the stress on the body from over exercising. He concluded that if you wanted to be a serious or competitive athlete that was involved in heavy, excessive workouts, you had to take a […]