Improving school food

No one inAmericabelieves the walls of our kids schools should be lined with machines full of chemicals & artificial foods as a way to subsidizeAmerica’s educational system.We need to lose hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors & colors, refined white breads and sugars from our kids’ lunches. Points to think about: The average cost to prepare lunch […]

Ways to promote osteoporosis

Interesting for me to say “Ways to promote osteoporosis ” but let’s look at that the 7 ways to promote osteoporosis 1. Eat white bread 2. white pasta 3. white rice 4. lots of potatoes 5. chicken 6. taking lots of meds 7. decaf coffee. These foods will cause weak bones, and they’re mostly acid forming. […]

The most important foods for strong bones

The most important foods for strong bones Plenty of vegetables, especially leafy greens. Protein, beans and animal food. Whole grains for the magnesium, because it helps put calcium in the bones. Nuts and seeds for the trace minerals. Good quality fats. Olive oil, sesame, coconut oil, organic butter. Cook with stock. If you make stock […]