Getting Into Authentic Alignment About Your Money In A Way That Feels Good

   I have always had a healthy relationship with money. Tonight our monthly Team Northrup Telegathering with Dr Christiane Northrup, her daughter Kate and her sister Penny was about their vision of how to be conscious about money. My big takeaway was that money is a form of energy and when we align our money with our values, we will […]

Alzheimer’s is a brain form of diabetes

I attended Dr Roizen’s Integrative Medicine Conference  this past weekend in Las Vegas and the big take away for me was….Diabetics have twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a brain form of diabetes. In Alzheimer’s, insulin is not very effective in the brain. Consequently, the brain cells practically starve to death. Insulin […]

Do Clean Teeth Protect Against Heart Disease?

 I was sitting in the chair today having my 6 month dental cleaning and realized that this was an important step to heart disease prevention. Since gum disease is caused by bacterial infection, researchers suspect that it may contribute to heart attacks or stroke by causing a chronic state of inflammation in blood vessels. I […]