5 Foods to Avoid for Mental Health

5 Foods to Avoid for Mental Health

5 Foods to Avoid for Mental Health is shining a light on how to protect your mental health with food. This is PART 3 in my series on mental health and your gut.

There are foods that are good for the brain and foods that are bad for the brain.

5 Foods to Avoid for Mental Health
Eating addiction health care concept with a group of metal fish hooks using fast food as human bait as fried chicken hamburgers and french fries as a symbol of the dangers of being hooked on sugar fat and salt.

5 Foods to Avoid for Mental Health

  1. Sugary foods and foods that have a lot of sugar. That also includes fruit juices, sodas,  cakes and cookies, and all that delicious stuff.

Sugar actually feeds the bad bugs that live in the gut.and depletes the body of B vitamins, and B vitamins are super critical for the body to make neuro-transmitters.

2. Processed hydrogenated fats and trans fats, because that just makes a very unhealthy brain,

These  have been heated to high temperatures and become oxidized and affect the brain health.

3. Any foods that have a lot of preservatives and chemicals and dyes

Those foods have also been shown to increase rates of things like autism.

4. Dairy products can be problematic for a lot of people.

Mucus-forming and can affect the inflammatory pathways in the brain and also cross-react with gluten

5. Gluten that includes sandwiches and pasta and wraps and breads that contain gluten.

Gluten is linked  to leaky gut and leaky brain



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