A Book Launch Weekend

A Book Launch Weekend
Last weekend was a book launch weekend. I was in Chicago to launch my new book and my daughter, Kelsey, was able to fly in from The University of Minnesota to be with me. It was so wonderful to have her witness the launching of the book and to hear so many positive comments from people about how my work has transformed lives!
What People Are Saying About the Book
“Thank you for combining understandable science with practical application.”
“I follow your blog and always learn new things.”
“Thank you for providing a step-by-step system to get my life and my health back on track”
“I never knew the gut was a second brain and so much serotonin is made there.”
“I want to do a book study with the book so I can go step by step through the recommendations.”
I loved the ending when two wonderful people whose stories are featured in the book, came on stage and were celebrated for their success. Brenda Steinmeyer from St Louis and Vic Morris from Illinois were shining beams of motivation to the audience of over 700. Their “before” and “after” photos in the book will inspire you!
People loved my model of the gut as I explained the importance of digestive health to overall well-being.