Ditch These Habits to Protect Your Immune System

Ditch These Habits to Protect Your Immune System

Ditch These Habits to Protect Your Immune System.

Ditch These Habits to Protect Your ImmunityThere are behaviors to do every day to support your immune system that I wrote about HERE in my FREE ebook Top 12 Lifestyle Tips to Support A Healthy Immune System (SOME MIGHT SURPRISE YOU!)

But there are also immunity don’ts you should avoid.

Knowing what NOT to do is important. It can help you set boundaries and shape habits. So, check out these immunity don’ts to see what you can do to help support your immunity.

Ditch These Habits to Protect Your Immune System

Don’t: Skimp on Water

It’s hard to run an effective defense against germs with water in short supply. Water is necessary for the movement of mucus and phlegm, two barriers to viruses and bacteria. That’s because mucus and phlegm are sticky traps for microbes. This keeps germs from spreading to healthy cells.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Your immune system performs best when you give it enough sleep. A full eight-hour stretch allows your body time to regenerate and repair. Your immune system has important tasks when you are asleep.

Don’t: Drink too Much Alcohol

Heavy drinking is correlated with being sick more often. So, too much alcohol seems to weaken your immune system and increase your susceptibility to illness.

Don’t: Misuse Sanitizers and Disinfectants

Never use cleaners, disinfectants, or sanitizers made for surfaces, glass, fabric, or your bathroom on your skin or inside your body. These products range from irritating to toxic. Wear proper protective equipment (like gloves or goggles) while disinfecting areas of your house.

Ditch These Habits to Protect Your ImmunityDon’t: Skip Your Workout

Regular exercise is linked to better immune function and fewer bouts with sickness each year. That’s because physical activity improves circulation of blood and the lymphatic fluid that make up your immune system. Aerobic exercise also helps strengthen your lungs, making them more efficient at getting oxygen to your body.

Don’t: Miss a Daily Dose of Vitamins

Supplements are a great for supporting your body with vitamins and minerals that help support your immune health. So, make sure you keep taking your multivitamins.

Look for supplements with a good amount of vitamins C, B6, and E. These antioxidants support your immunity and help maintain the health of your tissues and cells from damaging microorganisms. Vitamin C also supports your body’s normal production of white blood cells. They’re the immune cells that find and destroy potential pathogens.

NOTE – This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition

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