Don’t Give In!

Don’t Give In!

I am not an infectious diseases expert, but I do understand health!

I am very passionate about reaching out to you and sharing this message. I want to make three aspects of our fight against the coronavirus very unambiguous.

#1. There requires a lot of patience in fighting a pandemic

You will be discouraged. USA  #1 in the world for cases and there seems to be no flattening of the curve. Not even after California has had 1-2 weeks of what we call “quarantine”. It looks like all our efforts of social distancing and staying at home have been aimless, right?  Wrong. They aren’t. Do not be discouraged. Do not stand down. Our efforts are working.

#2. You will get restless.

Please fight the urge to give in. People are gathering where they “swear” they keep 6 feet apart. The streets are filled with runners, cyclists, and basketball games. Please do not undermine global efforts and  economic sacrifices to curb the spread of disease.

#3. Cheaters are delaying the cure and ruining it for the rest of us.

Do not cheat. Social distancing decreases the odds of two random individuals coming into contact. If you must go to grocery store, please do so infrequently and get the essentials as these centers will likely become nodal epicenters for community spread. I can’t believe that people are having “Corona Parties” .. this affects ALL of us. Do the right thing!

Do not be discouraged. Avoid temptations to bend the rules when your restlessness hits.

We are in this together

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