Facebook Hacking Fixed

Facebook Hacking Fixed

Hi Everyone!

Thank you to my Facebook friends who alerted me to the fact that my Facebook Account was hacked and posts were being placed by the hacker that looked just like they came from me! I am so fortunate to have my right hand gal, Adeah, who jumps right on these issues and always has a solution! She is a web marketing guru like no one else!  Her web site is www.WholeheartedSocialMedia.com

Facebook has some security measures  we have put in place to prevent hacking in future. We have enabled a login approval  using text message (SMS) confirmations to make it harder for unauthorized people to use my account.

Here is how it works

When someone  tries to log in to my Facebook account using an unrecognized computer, they  have to enter a security code that is texted to my mobile phone. How cool is that!

I hope this helps you to make your own Facebook account more secure!