Finding Meaningful Moments in Times of Loss

Finding Meaningful Moments in Times of Loss

Yesterday I was listening to a Brene Brown Podcast. It was about grief and finding meaning. I was spellbound!

Grief expert David Kessler spoke about what he’s learned about love, loss, and finding meaning and applied it to what we are all experiencing now.

In my recent blog HERE I shared the five stages of grief that I am personally feeling in this pandemic.

I needed to hear this podcast. I needed to hear David speak about a sixth stage of loss …. MEANING. David is very quick to tell us the stages are not prescriptive, they are descriptive.

We are facing a “collective loss” of the world we knew before the pandemic. I have said many times “I want normal back”. We are grieving the loss of connection, routine, school, coffee dates, college graduations ….. and on and on.

I loved how he spoke about the sixth stage of grief … meaning. It is not about the loss itself (such as the pandemic) but about the meaning in US. (He is also quick to tell us the sixth stage is not a BYPASS of the pain found in the other stages.

What I took away mostly was the idea of “meaningful moments” in times of loss. The neighbor that asks “How are you doing” from across the road .. the smile from someone you pass as you take  a walk (6 feet away)

This is what I am going to focus on each day. Meaningful moments that keep me locked into what is good and kind and present every day!