How to Stop Sugar Cravings

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

How to Stop Sugar Cravings is what people ask me the most about.

So many of us have sugar cravings that can feel uncontrollable! In this podcast I share that it is not about willpower.. it’s about biochemistry. You can change your internal pharmacy with lifestyle shifts. This episode is about action and relief !

How To Stop Sugar Cravings

The problem that arises in coping with sugar cravings is that sugar is in so many common foods now, it’s practically impossible to cut it out completely. You can’t eat a sandwich without getting sugar from the bread or the mayo. You can’t eat a salad without getting sugar from the dressing.

Beating sugar cravings may seem like a hopeless battle, but a structured plan can win the war.

The Effect of Simple Sugars on the Human Body

The key to health is the moderate consumption of complex carbohydrates — from natural food sources, such as fresh vegetables — balanced with intake of protein from a clean source, such as organically grown soy products.

Anything less than this is a compromise and will eventually affect your health and/or longevity. While it is true that this stuff breaks down to simple sugars in a few hours, if you take your carbs in this fashion, the quantity will be tolerable, and it will come with other nutrients.

Degenerative diseases caused by regular sugar consumption include the following.

hypoglycemia diabetes
chronic constipation chronic stomach upset
intestinal gas arthritis
asthma headaches
osteoporosis heart disease
obesity chronic Candida infection
tooth decay inflammatory bowel disease

This is not a complete list of the diseases believed to be caused by chronic long-term sucrose consumption, but these are the diseases in which it is easiest to see a relationship. Other diseases in which the consumption of sugar is implicated are:

psoriasis cancer
multiple sclerosis canker sores
gall stones cystic fibrosis


How to Break Free From Sugar Cravings for Good!