Mental Health and Your Gut- Part 1 Got Constipation?

Mental Health and Your Gut- Part 1 Got Constipation?

Mental Health and Your Gut is a series designed to show you how our gut is connected to anxiety and depression and provide solutions to improve your mental well-being by optimizing your capacity to digest food and absorb nutrients.

Part 1 is about how constipation can lead to recirculation of toxins and imbalance of your Microbiome that is intricately connected to mental health.

Mental Health Link to Constipation

When you have problems with elimination, toxins like lead recirculate into blood stream and create inflammation in liver and accumulate in fatty tissue of BRAIN. Your digestive system is one of the KEY organs of detoxification and BOWEL MOVEMENTS are how we detoxify. Stool sitting inside  can be reabsorbed into body and blood stream and create inflammation.

DAILY BOWEL MOVEMENTS remove toxins and also remove metabolized hormones you do not want to recirculate.

The Microbiome DietCauses of Constipation

  1. Dehydration
  2. Lack of fiber
  3. Sedentary Lifestyle
  4. Receptors on colon triggering urge to eliminate trained  NOT WORK
  5. Microbiome imbalance
  6. Stress
  7. Not breathing properly
  8. Position on toilet

Ten Constipation Remedies

  1. WATER 84 ounces a day. 2 glasses when waking up when digestive system is empty
  2. Eat more plants
  3. Reduce processed food
  4. Increase fiber – bacteria ferment fiber to bulk up stool – most people only get 1/3 fiber needed per day
  5. Drink water with fiber
  6. Stress management
  7. Magnesium at night – acts as an osmotic laxative by pulling water in to bowel
  8. Stomach acid review
  9. Exercise to help MOVE digestive tract
  10. Eliminate other clinical causes such as low thyroid.


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