Heartburn and Your Mood

Heartburn and Your Mood

Heartburn and your mood is PART 2 of my PODCAST SERIES on Mental Health and Your Gut

If you think Heartburn is a minor symptom- think again.

Acid reflux and mood disorders share a very close link.

Unlike what we were made to believe, reflux is actually caused by insufficient levels of stomach acid.

Heartburn and Your MoodCauses of Reflux

  1. Stress

Stress can shut down the neurological system in stomach which can cause to gas push up on sphincter. So no matter what PILL you take, you have to address the STRESS. Stress can also decrease stomach acid which interferes with digestion.

  1. Anxiety

An upregulation of the sympathetic nervous system and decrease of stomach emptying causes sphincter to become more relaxed and reflux can develop

  1. Poor Food Quality
  2. Antacid Overuse
  3. Nutrient Deficiency
  4. Microbiome Imbalance

Ten Ideas for People  with Heartburn

  1. Remove caffeine
  2. Raise head of the bed
  3. Test stomach acid
  4. Remove alcohol
  5. Fiber supplement
  6. Mediterranean Diet
  7. Sleep – melatonin helps restore microbial population
  8. Avoid Gluten and Dairy
  9. Avoid  trigger foods. Pepper, chocolate, black tea,
  10. Avoid foods that kill microbes


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