Mental Health Tips for Stressful Times

Mental Health Tips for Stressful Times

Mental health is an important topic and right now there is a lot of change and transition and it can be hard to know how best to handle it all. Many people are finding that their emotions can be overwhelming. What I do know is self care is essential. Here are 10 things I am doing to help my mental health.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

If all is not well with your body, it’s hard to take care of your mind. Sleep is critical to emotional health.

2.  Eat Well

Healthy, fresh  foods can make a difference to your mental health.

3. Get Out In Nature

One way to bring gratitude into your life is to appreciate nature.

4. Turn off the news

It is meant to stir us up and engage our stress response. Have a news fast.

5. Share how you’re feeling

A support network is critical in times of crisis. If you’re feeling scared or anxious, let someone who cares about you know.

6. Do something you are good at

Bring in a feeling of reward  by doing something you are good at and you enjoy.

7. Be of Service

Think of how you can outreach and help someone else. This includes your pets!

8. Move Your Body!

By exercising, endorphins are secreted and your mood will improve.

9. Have a massage

Mental health tension brings body tension. A massage can help the body, mind and spirit.

10. Begin A Gratitude Journal

An antidote to stress and anger is to express gratitude. Write down 3 things you are grateful for at the end of each day and keep a running list.