Resilience and Thriving – The Secret Power of Stress PODCAST EPISODE 1

Resilience and Thriving – The Secret Power of Stress PODCAST EPISODE 1

A tool in transforming stress into strength is our understanding of different levels of pain and happiness.

Each of us tends to have a “set point”.

Resilience and ThrivingWhat Is A Set Point?

In reference to happiness, we all have a “set point” for the expected amount of joy, happiness or pain and anguish and we tend to return to that point after negative or positive experiences.

It can also be extended to what we “settle” for. That is, our willingness to put up with, or tolerate.

In this Podcast I share the 5 set point levels and invite you to begin exploring where you are in your set point levels.

In my work with clients, I define the term this way

‘Your baseline for expected happiness or return point after positive or negative experiences.

This is the point we have been conditioned to BELIEVE


  • Upbringing
  • Habit
  • Culture

that we can only have so much health and happiness and we TOLERATE stress and pain.

Try This Awareness Tool

EXERCISE – Yesterday, how much time did you spend in each of the different states

  1. Distress – I felt depressed, anxious, worried, angry OR I Was preoccupied with STRESS in my life
  2. Tension Release (unhealthy coping) I did things that I KNOW are unhealthy such as smoking, drinking, internet, food
  3. Getting By (Tolerating) – I just felt like I just got by (not doing my best but not my worst)
  4. Effective Coping I had good self care- I ate well, exercised sufficient rest, positive attitude,
  5. Thriving – I experienced vitality, fulfillment, meaning and knowing I was contributing to life and others

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