Stop the Lying Labels Campaign

Stop the Lying Labels Campaign
Stop the Lying Labels CampaignStop the Lying Labels Campaign is a way to counter the nation’s largest food and beverage companies for what critics see as misleading ads for obesity-promoting foods, especially ads aimed at kids.

What Is the Stop the Lying Labels Campaign?

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has a Stop the Lying Labels Campaign. They provide such a great public service and are truly creating the change we desire in the health care system. It focuses on the shortcomings of the labeling laws. Most consumers just believe what they read on labels and in fact do not realize there is not much regulation about label laws. Some of the main things to look out for are 1. The word “natural” – very loose use of this word on most labels 2. The term “multi grain” – Check the ingredient list and look for “100% whole grain” on the label. Click on the CSPI logo on the right to learn more. “The importance of CSPI’s campaign is only going to grow in these days of slashed government budgets, when agencies cut back on even their most basic public services.  There is literally no one else who is going to mount a campaign to keep food companies honest.”

 — David A. Kessler, M.D. Former FDA Commissioner and current CSPI Board Member

CSPI’s litigators win better food labeling and more honest marketing, and encourage reforms that benefit consumer

Stop the Lying Labels CampaignAs an update to this blog article that I wrote in 2013,I am delighted to report some amazing progress in the extensive work of CSPI to promote healthy food and beverage choices and, in particular, advocacy for sugary drink health warnings. CLICK HERE to read some of the great results that have happened to protect our health! Read about:
  • San Francisco Sugary Drink Warning
  • Ginkgo Biloba/Costco and NBTY
  • School Foods/USDA
  • Cancer Causing Flavor Additives/FDA
  • NYC Sodium Warning
  • Cheez-It Whole Grain Crackers
  • The Coca-Cola Company and the American Beverage Association
  • Cheerios Protein / General Mills

The Naked Truth

“Consumers sued PepsiCo claiming that its Naked Juice line of beverages are marketed and labeled in a false and misleading manner under consumer protection laws.

Products like Naked’s Kale Blazer, for example, claim to be comprised predominantly of kale, “veggies,” and “dark leafy goodness.”

Indeed, the label touts that “kale is the king of the garden. And, when it’s blended with cucumber, spinach, celery and a pinch of ginger, you get a royal roundtable of yum. Long live greens.”

But Naked Juices, including Kale Blazer, are made predominantly of sugary fruit juices, not dark leafy vegetables. And while they are advertised as having “no added sugars,” they often have as much sugar by way of apple or like juices as a can of Pepsi, or more. The Naked truth may not be so naked after all.”

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How To Read A Food Label