What Is Genomic Testing?

Genomic testing is becoming more and more popular. Let’s look at what it is. You are born with your genes, many of which contain small errors called SNPs (pronounced “snips”) that can predispose you to certain health conditions or affect how your body processes medications. Unlike single gene mutations that cause inherited genetic diseases, gene […]

Vitality & Longevity: Secrets to A Thriving Life – PART 3 Foods Your Brain Will Love

BEWARE – Food is medicine, or it’s poison. LONGEVITY SECRET # 3 – conditions including Alzheimer’s — and other forms of dementia — and also depression, attention deficit disorder, PTSD, even bipolar disorders, are all deeply influenced by the food we eat. “The real weapons of mass destruction are highly processed, pesticide-sprayed, high-glycemic, low-fiber, food-like […]

Your Gut is one of the KEYS to Unlocking Brain Health

Your Gut is one of the KEYS to Unlocking Brain Health. Most diseases of the brain do not start in the brain. Depression, anxiety, ADD and dementia often have a foundation in the gut. It doesn’t make sense anymore to separate gut and brain. Most of the neurotransmitters are made in the gut and lead […]

The Number One Way to Boost Your Brain Power

Nothing protects the brain quite like regular exercise. Here is the list of why exercise is the number one way to boost your brain. Exercise is like investing in a retirement fund for your brain. Exercise can Increase blood flow to the brain, which of course increase oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Enhance the […]

Mind and Modernity

An article in the Los Angeles Times today really got my attention. I am a supporter of “Lifestyle Medicine” and I saw this article that discussed how air pollution, Western Diet and digital screens may influence how are brains work. Do you think? To me, that is obvious. It seems researchers are exploring how all […]

Your Brain on Sugar

Your brain on sugar represents the relationship between poor blood sugar control your risk for dementia. This relationship is so strong that researchers are now calling Alzheimer’s disease Type-3 diabetes. As reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2013, even slight elevations of blood sugar that are far below the diabetes range have […]

The Courage of Glen Campbell in concert at age 75 with Alzheimers

I had a wonderful experience last night at Lake Mission Viejo when I witnessed a full range of emotions while watching Glen Campbell in his “GOODBYE TOUR”. At age 75 he left a memory and a deep sense of courage that I will never forget. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease six months ago and […]