Chile Bans Tony the Tiger in their Fight Against Obesity

The Chilean government, facing skyrocketing rates of obesity, is waging war on unhealthy foods with a host of marketing restrictions, mandatory packaging redesigns and labeling rules aimed at transforming the eating habits of 18 million people. This is world’s most ambitious attempt to remake a country’s food culture, and could be a model for how […]

The Scariest Part of Halloween is the Sugar

The Scariest Part of Halloween is the sugar. The amount of candy consumed on Halloween may seem downright spooky, especially if you’re a dentist, nutritionist or health-conscious parent. Almost every child in the USA will have candy on Halloween, and about half of the adults will eat some. That compares to 24% of all adults and […]

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter and candy go hand in hand. So, here are some ideas for a lower candy Easter and equally as fun! May your Easter be the sweetest one yet.  If you celebrate Easter, I hope you celebrate with your favorite people. Count your eggs, your friends, and your blessings. Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas  – […]

How to Kick Your Sugar Addiction

Tonight I am presenting my DAY 3 Teleclass of my October Sugar Buster Group. I hold these groups every month and the Wednesday call is my favorite call because we talk about the science of Sugar Addiction and how we came to be addicted to this powerful white powder! Many people think it is just […]

Who’s Afraid of a Little Candy?

Who’s afraid of a little candy? This was a headline today in the Wall Street Journal. According to the Department of Agriculture, we Americans consume about 6 pounds more sugar a year per person than we did in 1970. This year, Americans will spend about $2.5 billion on Halloween candy! Many parents are setting limits […]

Sugar Overload at Retail Checkouts

Today, the Center for Science in the Public Interest released a new study on retail stores’ promotion of sugar, candy, soda, and other unhealthy foods at checkout. Food marketing isn’t only advertising: product placement at checkout is a common and powerful tool the food industry uses to manipulate us to buy and eat more calories.  […]

Haunted by Never Ending Candy

It’s Halloween! Have you noticed all the never ending “FUN SIZED” candy? Here are some splurges that equal 250 calories. 1 Baby Ruth fun size bar + 1 Butterfinger fun size bar + 1 Nestle Crunch fun size bar AND 1 Kit Kat miniatures + 1 Raisinets mini bag + 2 Laffy taffy bars AND […]