Know Your Heart Health Numbers PODCAST

Know Your Heart Health Numbers PODCAST episode of The Dr Karen Health Show reviews the bio markers you need to keep track of for your heart ❤️ health. Be sure to have a pen and paper to write these down ! Know Your Heart Health Numbers What is Your A1c and Fasting Blood Sugar ? […]

The Deadly Lipoprotein A

The most dangerous particle when it comes to heart disease is genetically-determined, meaning your family gave it you. Insurance companies refused to pay to have it tested so most of the millions of people who have it are unaware.

Owning a Pet Can Help Improve Your Overall Health – PART 1

Did you know that owning a pet can help improve your overall health? Our dogs are part of our family. Some might say a little “too much” since they sleep in our bed and cuddle up on the couch with us!  See all the ways pet owners’ health can prosper—physically, mentally, and emotionally. This series […]