Tips to Stay Hydrated on the Go

In the comfort of your home, hydration is a simple matter: if you’re thirsty, you grab a glass of water. When you’re on the road—whether it’s a trip out-of-town or a day spent running errands—hydration isn’t so easy.  It is, however, still vitally important.  Six Tips to Stay Hydrated on the Go Carry a reusable […]

4 Foods To Avoid for Bone Health – PODCAST

Can you guess what the four bad for the bones foods are ? In this podcast episode. Dr Karen Wolfe shares valuable insights in ways to support healthy bones. Certain dietary habits can exacerbate the loss of bone mass, leading to weaker, more brittle bones putting individuals over 60 to an even higher risk rate […]

Is Coffee Good For me?

Is coffee good for me? Coffee is the largest source of dietary antioxidants in the U.S. diet, and its complex mixture of more than 1,000 different polyphenols and other compounds is excellent for your health. (1) Drinking coffee is associated with longer telomere length, for starters. (2) Telomeres are the structures at the end of […]

Top Ten Ways to Incorporate Exercise into your Day

ready to move your mental health

Top Ten Ways to Incorporate Exercise into your Day. Not exercising is worse for your health than smoking, reports a new study. Here are our best tricks for sneaking in more activity during the day without changing your routine. 1. Schedule physical activity into your calendar like you would any other appointment 2. Exercise first […]

Tuesday Nutrition Topic – Is Coffee Good For You?

Probably one of the most common questions I am asked is about COFFEE! I thought I would go to the  book Integrative Nutrition to find an answer. Basically coffee is a drug in a mug and The Integrative Nutrition book says if you are drinking more than 2 cups a day you probably have an addiction. In […]