Tasty Paleo Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

I am ready to share my delicious Paleo Chicken Cacciatore recipe! It was delicious! Gluten free, dairy free, low glycemic and Paleo. Packed with healthy veggies and super easy! Inspired by my visit to Sanoviv, I am committing to trying a few recipes over this holiday season. The book is called Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook […]

What is Gluten?

This week, Food Sensitivity testing showed that one of my family members is  “moderately” sensitive to gluten so we are going on a 2 month trial of gluten-free eating. So you,  (my community) ,get to go along the ride with us! I will share with you what I am learning and blog about my experiences. I have already […]

Tuesday Nutrition Topic – Nutrition Makeover with Meals in Minutes Cookbook

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lal12hPUnc”] Are you ready for a nutrition makeover? Usually at this time of the year we are craving to get back in control of our eating. In my work with clients I know “baby steps” are the solution to getting back on track. One important step is to prepare more home-cooked meals. If you are […]