Antibody Tests for COVID-19 Emerge!

Antibody Tests for COVID-19 emerge! They are critical to resolving this pandemic. I am fascinated and hopeful about this and will do updated blogs as new information comes to light. This is a moving target and every day we are learning new things about this virus and about testing, When someone is infected with a […]

Finding Gratitude, Hope and Love in a Time of Hardship – PODCAST

At a time of so much change in our world, it is normal to feel anxiety, fear, stress, depression. Today I focus on how to find gratitude, hope and love as we navigate this global pandemic together. Here are ten things I do to immediately SHIFT from fear to faith even in this time of […]

Calming the Corona Viral Panic – PODCAST PART 2

There is a viral panic that is shifting the way we live and the choices we make. On March 13, 2020, the President  declared a national emergency over the coronavirus pandemic and public life in America is rapidly shifting with closures of schools, sports events, meetings, travel …. to name just a few. Let’s focus […]

Finding Calm in the Corona Virus Chaos – PODCAST PART 1

When we are faced with something that feels out of control, it is good to focus on things we can do. Dr Oz prepared a “CORONA VIRUS SURVIVAL PROTOCOL ” and I discuss this protocol on this podcast. he covers 4 areas : LIFESTYLE, HYGIENE, PREPAREDNESS and IMMUNITY. Here are some specific actions we can […]

Worried About Corona Virus? – Top Ten Things We Can Do

Worried About Corona Virus? – Here Are Top Ten Things We Can Do. There is “viral” panic right now that is causing pain to the economy and our quality of life. When we are faced with something that feels “out of control” it is good to focus on  steps we can take that can have […]

Worried About Coronavirus? What You Need to Know PART 1

Worried About Coronavirus? I have had many people ask me to make some sense of the panic and fear we are seeing around this new virus called COVID-19. I thought I would write about it, by answering the most common questions I am seeing. On Wednesday March 11, 2020,  The World Health Organization declared a […]