Finding Calm in the Corona Virus Chaos – PODCAST PART 1

When we are faced with something that feels out of control, it is good to focus on things we can do. Dr Oz prepared a “CORONA VIRUS SURVIVAL PROTOCOL ” and I discuss this protocol on this podcast. he covers 4 areas : LIFESTYLE, HYGIENE, PREPAREDNESS and IMMUNITY. Here are some specific actions we can […]

Join me Virtually on my Health and Education Retreat Next Week

Next week you have the opportunity to join me “virtually” on my Health and Education Retreat in Rosarito, Mexico.  I have the pleasure of taking a group of wonderful “wellness Seekers” on a Wellness Travel Adventure to Sanoviv Medical Institute in Rosarito, Mexico. Be sure to “like” my Facebook page HERE This will be my […]

Dr Oz Shares Powerful Skin Health Story

Last week I was part of an exciting  scientific skincare line launch and yesterday it was discussed at The Doctor Oz Show! My skin is more radiant and glowing since I been using Celavive. I have used it daily since last August and loving the results. I use the dry/sensitive regimen and have found the […]

Alzheimer’s is a brain form of diabetes

I attended Dr Roizen’s Integrative Medicine Conference  this past weekend in Las Vegas and the big take away for me was….Diabetics have twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a brain form of diabetes. In Alzheimer’s, insulin is not very effective in the brain. Consequently, the brain cells practically starve to death. Insulin […]

How Are Glycemic Index and Weight Gain Related?

Often we are told weight gain is just about lack of willpower. Well, listen up. because the science tells us something different. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. Let me say that again. Insulin is a fat storage hormone.   When the insulin receptors do not work properly, the body thinks there is not enough […]

Glycemic Index Made Easy

 The body needs carbohydrates for the glucose they provide for fuel, especially to the brain. Our brain needs sugar to work and the body has a sophisticated regulatory system designed to keep blood sugars in a narrow window where the body operates optimally The glycemic index (GI) is a NUMERICAL system from 0 to 100 […]