Want to Try Intermittent Fasting?

Want to try Intermittent Fasting? I am sure you have heard the term as it has become as popular lately as the keto diet! I decided to try it and I started it last week and want to share my experience. What Is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between […]


Have you heard about Nutrigenomics? In this episode of Dr Karen Health Talks, I explain how we are not victims of our genes. In fact with the human genome project showing that humans have the same number of genes as worms, there is a whole new understanding of the cause of human variation. I use […]

You and Your Microbiome

If you missed Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 there are more than 30 hours of expert presentations available online and as instant downloads! Gain the tips, strategies and secrets of microbiome medicine–it could improve your health, longevity, vitality and assist with unresolved problems! I have enjoyed listening every day and I have taken so much valuable […]

Could Your Healthy Diet Make Me Fat?

Could your healthy diet make me fat? An Israeli study at Weizmann Institute of Science in 2015 about personalized nutrition was heralded by a media frenzy. “This diet study upends everything we thought we knew about ‘healthy’ food,”

Why Your DNA is Not Your Destiny

Your DNA is not your destiny. This is a heretical idea for some and  goes against a long standing understanding we have had that whatever choices we make during our lives might ruin our short-term memory or make us gain weight or hasten our death, but they won’t change our genes – our actual DNA.Which […]

Epigenetics 101

Epigenetics is the study of sections of our DNA (called “marks”) that tell our genes when and how strongly to express themselves

Personalized Medicine goes Mainstream

At last, Personalized Medicine goes mainstream! The exciting part of this is that we are having a new conversation in the mainstream media about how our lifestyle and environment affects our genes. It gives clinicians tools to better understand the mechanisms underlying certain diseases and conditions — and which treatments to use. President Obama gave […]

What does GMO mean?

The term GMO is where the genetic makeup (DNA) of animals, plants, and bacteria are altered, predominantly in food, food ingredients, animal feed, medicines and vaccines. This is done by taking genetic material from one organism and inserting it into the permanent genetic code of another. Genes are manipulated to achieve a desired characteristic, such […]

DNA is NOT Your Destiny

DNA is NOT Your Destiny. The relatively new science of Epigenetics explains that we can dampen down or even shut it off gene expression completely by lifestyle choices