Sugar Detox Series PODCAST – PART 3

In this third PODCAST on the Sugar Detox Series, there is a great conversation about low glycemic recipes and meal plans. Once you remove sugar cravings, you start to crave healthy food and real food tastes so much better! My next LIVE Sugar Buster Tele group begins Monday November 7 CLICK HERE to join.   […]

Sugar Detox Series PODCAST – PART 1

Sugar is fattening! When you consume excess sugar that your body can’t use it is then turned into fat by the body. Sugar can cause hormonal changes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, inflammation and much more! New studies show that excess sugar has major effects on the brain. We also know sugar is addictive. The more […]

Paleo simple slaw with cashew dressing

Thank you to my Boot Camp Buddy, Cindi who shared this paleo recipe with me. It IS easy and it IS delicious. Made it tonight for the family and EVERYONE love it! By the way, everyone does not love everything I make. I am a beginning cook! Cabbage has many healing properties and most of […]

Healthy Snacking On the Go

My secret to healthy snacking on the go is Greek Yogurt! Snacking has always been the hardest part of my eating plan because I always seem to be hungry! I have finally found something that works! I even took it to a baseball game on the weekend. I cup of Greek Yogurt has 23 grams […]

Canada’s new diabetes guidelines recommend Low Glycemic carbs

Canada’s new diabetes guidelines recommend low Glycemic carbs. I am so pleased to see a movement toward the low glycemic lifestyle! The online release the Canadian Diabetes Association includes the full text of all 38 chapters and an appendix. Each chapter comes with a slide set and a brief video highlighting the key recommendations. There […]

Low GI Healthy Holiday Eating – PART 1

Here we are again in holiday season! A chance for us to stay healthy! I always find it helpful to have a specific plan when eating out or planning a party so here are some very specific recipes to stay LOW GI LOW GLYCEMIC APPETIZERS Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes: slice cherry tomatoes in half and scoop […]

Glycemic Index Made Easy

 The body needs carbohydrates for the glucose they provide for fuel, especially to the brain. Our brain needs sugar to work and the body has a sophisticated regulatory system designed to keep blood sugars in a narrow window where the body operates optimally The glycemic index (GI) is a NUMERICAL system from 0 to 100 […]

Freedom from Sugar Cravings

 As a wellness professional, I am on a mission to create freedom from sugar cravings so you can 1. Shift from craving sugar to craving healthy, nourishing foods that make you feel GREAT 2.Get back in the driver’s seat, and stop letting sugar hijack your life. 3. Have more balanced and consistent energy throughout your day […]