Intentional Living – How to Be Fully Present with Life

Intentional Living – How to Be Fully Present with Life is the latest episode of the Dr Karen Health Show.On this podcast episode,  I share my personal commitment to being more fully present in the moment – in my relationships, down time, walking and eating. It’s a great practice ! Are you fully present with […]

Four Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work – PODCAST

We usually think weight loss is about will power! No! It’s about lifestyle. It’s time to redefine “diet” as “a manner of living”. Learn the four main reasons restrictive dieting does not work! Want to hear other episodes of Dr Karen Health Talks? Subscribe to my podcast HERE

Mindful Eating Strategies for Weight Balance

There are many hidden persuaders that lead us to overeat. The average person makes over 200 decisions about food every day. What is often missing from the obesity debate is the link between food, psychology and marketing. Dr Karen shares strategies to reach-engineer your food life for mindful eating. Want to hear other episodes? Subscribe […]