Wellness & Wellbeing Summit 2022

I will be speaking on “How Nutrigenomics Can Transform Wellness Outcomes Nutrigenomics offers personalisation that can be a powerful motivator of change and renewal for individuals and healthcare environments. The genomic revolution opens new windows into why our bodies do what they do and how to work with our genes, not against them. You will learn […]

Nutrigenomics Can Change Your Life

Nutrigenomics Can Change Your Life Nutrigenomics is a wonderful way to drive behavior motivation and change your life! In this Podcast Dr Karen discusses how she has used Nutrigenomics to shift lifestyle habits in powerful ways. What Is Nutrigenomics? Nutrition in the new millennium will be dramatically different than it was in the 20th century. […]


Have you heard about Nutrigenomics? In this episode of Dr Karen Health Talks, I explain how we are not victims of our genes. In fact with the human genome project showing that humans have the same number of genes as worms, there is a whole new understanding of the cause of human variation. I use […]