To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True is a podcast where I give my own personal experience  of  the book “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle . This book is both a memoir and a wake up call for us all the listen and trust our inner “Knowing” To Thine Own Self Be True This reveals that when […]

How Lifestyle Affects Brain Chemistry – PODCAST

Everything we do in our daily lives affects our neurotransmitters. How we sleep, what we eat, how we move and even our thoughts and emotions! This podcast focuses on serotonin ! Want to hear other episodes of Dr Karen Health Talks? Subscribe to my podcast HERE

The Blue Zones: 6 Secrets to Longevity and Happiness from People Who Live the Longest

Blue Zones are regions in the world that are home to some of the oldest and healthiest people in the world. Although their lifestyles differ slightly, they mostly eat a plant-based diet, exercise regularly, drink moderate amounts of alcohol, get enough sleep and have good spiritual, family and social networks. This podcast reviews the  secrets […]

5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation – PODCAST

5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation – PODCAST. On average adults spend over 3 hours a day doing things on their cell phones and we routinely keep our cell phones near our body. Most people have no idea about the effects of EMF’s. Here are 5 simple tips to reduce EMF […]

To Rest Like A Tree – PODCAST

To Rest Like A Tree is the the work of Mark Nepo, a poet and teacher. In this podcast Dr Karen discusses Mark’s book called The Book of Awakening – Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the life You Have.  He provides small doses of what really matters, simple truths, and stories […]

Pure, White and Deadly – PODCAST

Pure, White and Deadly PART 1 – Why don’t we hear much about the dangers of sugar? Forty years ago, renowned physician John Yudkin sounded the alarm that sugar is bad for our health – he was ignored by the medical community. Now with current science and nutrition and the fall of the low-fat hypothesis, […]

4 R’s For Gut Brain Care PODCAST

Your digestion is important for absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes and a vital component of our immune system. When things go wrong with our digestive tract it can cause widespread symptoms throughout our body and BRAIN like brain fog, fatigue, aches and pains, skin problems, mood problems and increase your risk of autoimmune conditions. […]

Let Your Life Speak PODCAST

Let Your Life Speak PODCAST. Learning to ”Let Your life speak” means “living the life that wants to live in you.” It involves creating the kind of quiet, trusting conditions that allow your soul to speak its truth. It also means tuning out the noisy preconceived ideas about what a vocation should and shouldn’t be […]