Look what Costco Items I Have in my Kitchen

Look what Costco Items I Have in my Kitchen

Look what Costco items I have in my kitchen. It is such a popular place, especially for people with larger families, people who entertain, people looking for a deal.  Did you know it is also a great place to stock up on organic foods?  Who knew?  I went the other day and found over 80 […]

Why Does Organic Matter?

How to Eat Your Way to A Healthy Heart

Whenever I speak, I like to remind my audience that environmental factors are a huge cause of inflammation and chronic disease. The President’s Cancer Panel encourages us to eat organic when we can, to reduce our exposure to pesticides and other additives being applied to our foods. These are chemicals. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals! Chemicals […]

Black Friday Meaning

Hi Everyone!!! Happy BLACK FRIDAY! My sister in Australia thought we were celebrating some kind of post Halloween event with the BLACK theme! I have to tell you my take on it all is it is a dark day when we focus on commercialism straight after a wonderful celebration of gratitude. I personally avoid thinking […]