6 Things I look for in a Recipe

Many people ask me what I look for in a recipe. Here are the 6 things I look for: 1. Are the ingredients all whole foods and recognizable? I don’t want to wonder what an ingredient is or where it is made… remember I like foods grown on a plant, not made in a plant. […]

Snack Savvy Recipes

How to Eat Your Way to A Healthy Heart

Here are four delicious and easy-to-make snacks that are perfect for summer Instead of chips, try munching on asparagus. It’s delicious raw or lightly steamed. Throw some in your lunch box for a snack or use a few stalks to dress up your next vegetable platter  For a refreshing smoothie, combine a banana with 1 […]

My Yummy Low Glycemic Vegetable Snack

 Look at this beautiful snack I created. It looks so beautiful and colorful on the plate. Jicama (cut up in little French Fry sticks) Baby Carrots Cherry Tomatoes  Snow peas It looks and tastes wonderful and it is easy to make.