Are You Listening to Your Thyroid? PODCAST

Are You Listening to Your Thyroid? The thyroid is a powerful glad that controls nearly every aspect of our health. The podcast reviews signs of whether your thyroid is working well and how to keep it healthy and functioning. Here are SIX ways you can “invest in your Thyroid Health … Keep your iodine consumption […]

What Is Leaky Gut?

What is leaky Gut? It sounds awful I know, I would rather rename it to inflamed gut. According to the research, leaky gut could be the cause of your food allergies low energy joint pain, thyroid disease autoimmune conditions and slow metabolism. Leaky gut or intestinal permeability are mentioned over 11,000 in PubMed.  An increased […]

Paleo simple slaw with cashew dressing

Thank you to my Boot Camp Buddy, Cindi who shared this paleo recipe with me. It IS easy and it IS delicious. Made it tonight for the family and EVERYONE love it! By the way, everyone does not love everything I make. I am a beginning cook! Cabbage has many healing properties and most of […]

Do You Have a Holiday Food Hangover?

The average American gains about 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, according to a Tufts University study. And if you’re overweight or obese, then that number can exceed 5 pounds. Even worse, “people don’t generally lose the weight they put on,” says Betty Kovacs, M.S., R.D., codirector of the New York Obesity Nutrition Research […]

Belly Fat News Update

 Belly fat bothers most of us. BMI, or body mass index, a common tool for gauging whether you’re overweight, may not be as good of an indicator of your health risk as measuring your waist circumference, according to research presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Lyon, France. “BMI doesn’t take muscle into account, […]

Are Your Food Allergies Making You Fat?

The gut, the immune system and detoxification system are connected. There’s powerful evidence that addressing food allergens  can address weight gain and illness can help you shed pounds. We  know that inflammation from any cause — bacteria, food, a high-sugar, high-fat diet — will produce insulin resistance, leading to higher insulin levels. And since insulin is […]

Inflammation and obesity and the silent killer

Diet and lifestyle. Some of the largest contributors to chronic inflammation are smoking; a diet high in sugar, fried foods and trans fats; inadequate exercise; stress; and vitamin D deficiency. There are a couple of ways to measure how much inflammation is silently occurring in your body.