Who’s Afraid of a Little Candy?

Who’s Afraid of a Little Candy?

HALLOWEEN CANDYWho’s afraid of a little candy? This was a headline today in the Wall Street Journal. According to the Department of Agriculture, we Americans consume about 6 pounds more sugar a year per person than we did in 1970. This year, Americans will spend about $2.5 billion on Halloween candy! Many parents are setting limits on the amount of candy kids can eat and retailers are picking up on the anxiety. Whole Foods Market sells about 15 natural versions of classic Halloween candy such as candy corn without high fructose corn syrup and  organic peanut butter cups.

Don’t think “diet foods” are better! Diet foods and diet drinks may be even worse than regular sugar sweetened foods!! How does that happen?

  • Artificial sweeteners are hundreds to thousands of times sweeter than regular sugar activating our genetically programmed preference for sweet taste more than any other substance.
  • They trick your metabolism into thinking sugar is on its way. This causes your body to pump out insulin, the fat storage hormone, which lays down more belly fat.
  • It also confuses and slows your metabolism down, so you burn less calories every day.
  • It makes you hungrier and crave even more sugar and starchy carbs like bread and pasta.
  • In animal studies, the rats that consumed artificial sweeteners ate more, their metabolism slowed, and they put on 14 percent more body fat in just two weeks – EVEN eating less calories.
  • In population studies there was a 200 percent increased risk of obesity in diet soda drinkers.

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