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Wellness Coaching With Dr. Karen Wolfe

We are drowning in health information but starving for practical application.

Dr. Karen provides that practical application during a One-on-One Nutrition and Health Coaching Session.

Dr. Karen now offers one-on-one nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching to support you in optimizing your health, so you can feel and look like the best version of you.

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3 Step Process Of a Coaching Session

Step 1 - Functional Lifestyle Assessment

Dynamic interactive experience

Step 2 - Review Biomarkers

Review biomarkers of an ideal Functional Wellness Blood Panel and education on your test results.

Step 3 - Create Customized Lifestyle Plan

Create and execute your customized anti-inflammatory lifestyle plan. Based on my 8 Steps for lasting change that moves beyond the diagnosis-prescription model and inspires you on the path to better health. A personalized approach rooted in the principle that food, exercise, sleep, stress, digestive health, toxins, supplementation and support impact physical health, including DNA expression.


The focus is on the whole you. With you in the center, you may begin working on different areas of health and wellness that are all inter-connected to your overall health and wellbeing – mind, body and spirit.

Option 1: Quick Tune-up

(1 session)

  • Looking for the best steps to feel healthier (and happier)?
  • Need a few go-to breakfast or snack ideas?
  • Or just want a quick inspiration session with Dr Karen?

Our one-time tune-up session is 40 min via phone or zoom

The cost is $150.

Option 2: A JumpStart

(4 sessions)

  • If you’re looking for a jump-start to feeling great, this package of 40-minute sessions will help you feel inspired and motivated.
  • Receive helpful tips so you can start incorporating new lifestyle habits right away.

This package includes four 40-minute sessions via phone or zoom

The cost is $510 (save $60)

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