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I am delighted to share with you my favorite health and wellness coaching resources. Enter your name and email below to gain immediate access to these FREE Coaching Resources

Health and Wellness Coaching Resource Kit includes:

  • Lifestyle Solution Wheel
  • Dr. Karen’s Tips for Living Well
  • 5 Business Mistakes Health Coaches Make (and How to Overcome Them)
  • Life Balance Wheel
  • 10 Keys to Cravings
  • Gut Matters: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Digestion to Boost Your ‘Second Brain’ and Improve Your Mood (eBook)

Enter your name and email below to gain immediate access to these FREE Coaching Resources:


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I just wanted to thank you for the valuable information you have provided me to better my physical, mental and emotional health. I so appreciate your dedication to your work and your passion for helping people improve their lives on a nutritional level, rather than pharmaceuticals. I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and have worked health professionals. for the last 25 and they never addressed the underlying conditions/cause. I feel so blessed as I am brough to tears with overwhelming gratitude for you, I am finding my own way to help myself on a natural level which makes me feel so empowered to take charge of me health and lead a life free of unnecessary stress/anxiety from my childhood traumas. Because I have done the work and continue to do the work with you.....I have found an amazing life partner, a beautiful workplace, and most important, have found peace and joy in my breath/my inner spirit. You have a gift to help people like myself and I am so excited to be able to help myself be the best version of myself for the second half of my life journey.

Thanks so much, you are valued and appreciated!

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