Look what Costco Items I Have in my Kitchen

Look what Costco Items I Have in my Kitchen

Look what Costco items I have in my kitchen. It is such a popular place, especially for people with larger families, people who entertain, people looking for a deal.  Did you know it is also a great place to stock up on organic foods?  Who knew?  I went the other day and found over 80 […]

Tasty Paleo Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

I am ready to share my delicious Paleo Chicken Cacciatore recipe! It was delicious! Gluten free, dairy free, low glycemic and Paleo. Packed with healthy veggies and super easy! Inspired by my visit to Sanoviv, I am committing to trying a few recipes over this holiday season. The book is called Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook […]

Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe

You’ll be surprised how easy this gluten free lasagna recipe is to make! For this recipe you will need: lean ground turkey low fat cottage cheese gluten free spaghetti sauce gluten free lasagna noodles Watch my video below for step by step process: STEP 1 – Turn oven on 350 degrees and on stove top cook […]