The Biggest Blockbuster Drug – NOT what you think!

The Biggest Blockbuster Drug – NOT what you think!Maybe you thought about the COVID drugs or statins or weight loss pills!NOPE.It’s EXERCISE ! The Biggest Blockbuster Drug Can Create a brain growth factor (BDNF), which is basically Miracle Grow for your brain. Improve your mood Boost your energy Reduce overall stress in your body and […]

How to Read A Cholesterol Panel

How to Read a Cholesterol Panel is a blog I am writing to educate and empower you to understand your numbers. This has become personal to me as many clients have asked me for advice about how to read their blood panel and I have researched many reputable sources to find answers. I have highlighted […]

Your Gut is one of the KEYS to Unlocking Brain Health

Your Gut is one of the KEYS to Unlocking Brain Health. Most diseases of the brain do not start in the brain. Depression, anxiety, ADD and dementia often have a foundation in the gut. It doesn’t make sense anymore to separate gut and brain. Most of the neurotransmitters are made in the gut and lead […]

What is autoimmunity?

The word autoimmunity has a mystery that I am hoping will be resolved with good education. So I have decided to do a simple FAQ to start with the basics. What is Autoimmunity? An autoimmune disorder occurs when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissue by mistake. Why Would our Own Immune […]

How Are Glycemic Index and Weight Gain Related?

Often we are told weight gain is just about lack of willpower. Well, listen up. because the science tells us something different. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. Let me say that again. Insulin is a fat storage hormone.   When the insulin receptors do not work properly, the body thinks there is not enough […]

Glycemic Index Made Easy

 The body needs carbohydrates for the glucose they provide for fuel, especially to the brain. Our brain needs sugar to work and the body has a sophisticated regulatory system designed to keep blood sugars in a narrow window where the body operates optimally The glycemic index (GI) is a NUMERICAL system from 0 to 100 […]

Five causes for ALL Disease

   Dr Mark Hyman has a great way of explaining five causes of all disease   1. Toxins-environmental, biological, chemical   2. Allergens- food, mold, dust, animal products, pollens    3. Infections-bugs, microbes, bacterial, parasites, tick-borne illnesses    4. Stress    5. Poor diet and lifestyle Rather than thinking about the 12,000 diseases,  ask two simple questions:      1. […]

Obesity is Contagious – so is HEALTH

Obesity is contagious. It is a social disease.  But health is also contagious and we need to start infecting our communities and neighborhoods with health.  Let’s all  be health activists. We can’t wait for anyone else to solve this problem – not government or corporations. We need to democratize and decentralize health. Each of us can make […]