What Supplements Should I Take?

What Supplements Should I Take? I get asked this question so often. Firstly, let me say that supplements are NOT a substitute for a healthy lifestyle! Using ​diet and lifestyle modification​, you can support your immune system and create a strong, resilient internal environment. If you care  about your health, you’ll want to nurture this […]

Supplements To Protect Your Health NOW

Supplements to Protect Your Health NOW is about supporting your immune system BEFORE you get sick! These recommendations come from Dr. Michael Murray, who also reminds us  that attitude, lifestyle, and diet are also critical factors to employ in building immune health. Don’t gamble that you are getting everything that you need in your diet. […]

Why Use Supplements in Pregnancy?

Why Use Supplements in Pregnancy? This is a very important question to make sure the mother and baby are healthy.  Most recommended prenatal vitamins do not have “enough” of many nutrients AND often do not even get absorbed, or become bio-avaialble to the pregnant mother or fetus. Dr. Ladd McNamara has a wonderful webinar that I […]

New Supplements Safety Guide for Athletes

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) recently released a new supplements safety guide for athletes as part of their “Supplement 411” initiative. NSF International is currently the only independent third party testing and certification organization to meet the requirements of the government program. USANA Health Sciences is among the supplement manufacturers whose products have been tested and […]

Athletes and Supplements – Recovery Nutrition

The debate over the best nutrition for recovery after exercise has been the rage of sports nutrition scientists for more than a decade. In the 1990’s the argument promoting the benefits for strength and power athletes of combining protein with carbohydrate immediately after exercise became apparent. Researchers showed that dietary protein catalyzed protein synthesis, and […]

Athletes and Supplements – PART 1

Dr Kenneth Cooper began the exercise revolution in the early 1970’s and actually coined the term aerobics. He also studied athletes and the stress on the body from over exercising. He concluded that if you wanted to be a serious or competitive athlete that was involved in heavy, excessive workouts, you had to take a […]

 Do I Need A Multivitamin?

Do I Need A Multivitamin?

Do I need a multivitamin? This is a common question I am asked. I think most of us should be taking a high quality multivitamin these days, even if we’re eating a healthy diet. It is difficult to meet nutrient needs from food alone because of the following five reasons. Declining soil quality Increasing toxic […]

The Hunger Fix Dilemma

The Hunger Fix Dilemma is about breaking so-called “false” or destructive habits like overeating and replacing  them with healthier actions such as healthy eating. exercise, music, meditation, sleep. There are two “reward” systems I focus on with mt clients…. The dopamine reward system can drive us into unhealthy food and behavioral “hooks”. A dopamine” rush” in […]