Ground Zero for Mental Health

Ground Zero for Mental Health

Ground Zero for mental health is the gut.

This year I am committed to shining a light on the science behind how best to support mental health.

Most people (including health professionals), think depression is a chemical imbalance.

That is incorrect.

The Role of Inflammation in Mental Illness

Two decades of scientific research highlight the role of inflammation in mental illness. From depression to schizophrenia. When I think of our soaring rates of depression, I think of all the ways our lifestyle creates inflammation and disturbs the balanced ecosystem of our microbiome.

  1. Lack of physical activity
  2. Diets loaded with pro inflammatory sugars
  3. High glycemic foods
  4. Foods loaded with pesticides
  5. Chronic stress
  6. Processed foods
  7. Poor sleep
  8. Medication side effects
  9. Poor water quality
  10. Chemicals in personal care products

Ground Zero for Mental Health

Ground Zero for mental healthNot only do our gut microbes control the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body that factor in mental health, but they also control our ability to absorb nutrients that are key to mental health. Even more amazing is new research is demonstrating that antidepressant medications may work in some people by decreasing inflammatory chemicals.

So powerful is this role of inflammation and depression that we are starting to see the use of immune-altering medications to treat depression.

The balance and diversity of gut bacteria regulates how much inflammation is in the body. Since inflammation is the root cause for every degenerative disease in the human body (including diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer) … we are starting to see our microbiome as super heroes!

Brain Health Begins in the Gut

Microbes contribute to the environment  in your body by producing certain chemical that affect the health of the brain and nervous system.

So, I hope I have got your attention by rethinking ground zero for mental health. Treating mental health as a chemical imbalance is a reductionistic way of thinking. We have to start thinking about the Terrain Theory of Health. Terrain theory states that our internal environment the primary agent responsible for the diseases and microbes are only given the “advantage” to grow and proliferate within a certain environment.

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