Psychobiotics, The Future of Mental Health?

Psychobiotics, The Future of Mental Health?

Have you heard the term psychobiotics? At this year’s National Wellness Conference in October, 2019, I am speaking on Your Brain and Microbiome (Psychobiotics)- New Imperatives for Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health.


“The second brain,” is a mesh-like network of 500 million neurons lines our entire digestive tract from the esophagus to the anus. It has the job of coordinating all the digestive functions and communicating to our “first brain” via the vagus nerve.

What an exciting time we live in. The science of the microbiome is exploding and now we are discovering that specific bacteria can have beneficial effects on mood, motivation, and cognition.

The average human has between 3–6 pounds worth of microorganisms in their GI tract. The evidence suggests that they evolved in conjunction with our body’s cells to provide vital functions that our cells can not. It turns out that our gut bacteria are powerful at regulating neurotransmitter levels.


There is now a lot of animal research and preliminary human trials to support the fact that gut microbes influence mood and behavior. We know that gut bacteria can speak to the brain in ways that affect our mood, our appetite, and even our circadian rhythms. The next challenge for scientists is to learn how to optimize this communication.


I highly recommend the book A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies and Reclaim their Lives, by Kelly Brogan, MD. She says, ” “Every Functional Medicine Psychiatrist, like me has case stories of the “probiotic cure” – of a patient with debilitating symptoms, whose symptoms vanished with dietary change and probiotic supplementation.”

The science of psychobiotics explores emerging strategies for planting brain-altering bacteria in the gut to provide mental benefits.

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