Save on Your Veggies and Save the Planet

Save on Your Veggies and Save the Planet
Veggies are Yummy

We can save on our veggies and save the planet. Food is a terrible thing to waste. It’s bad for people and the planet, and yet 40% of all the food produced in the US goes uneaten. From farms to fridges, waste is a massive problem that has infiltrated every level of our food system. It’s a problem we can all play a role in solving.

While waste occurs at every stage of the supply chain, Imperfect Produce was founded to find a home for the 20 billion pounds of produce that currently go to waste on farms every year.

You can get healthy, delicious fruits and veggies for about 30% less than grocery stores, delivered to your door HERE

The company is called IMPERFECT PRODUCE and here is their vision “We don’t just want it to be fresh and delicious, we want it to be eco-friendly food that’s good: good for the planet, good for our bodies, and good for the hard-working folks involved in growing it. This is our aim for every piece of eco-friendly produce that we source. So, while the list of farms that we source from changes every day, our mission stays the same: to source only the highest quality produce that has a positive impact on your plate as well as the planet!

They carefully vet all of their growers to make sure they’re consistently delivering high-quality produce. Before partnering with a grower, they make sure their produce is up to our zero-waste specifications. They check quality to ensure that the produce is only wonky in its shape, size, color, and never old or damaged. All of their organic growers are certified organic, and many of our growers are USDA GAP (Good Ag Practices) certified, which means that their produce is additionally inspected for quality by a 3rd party.

Give it a try!